We specialize in representing buyers in transactions on high net-worth, complex properties

In addition to owners representation, True North Management offers buyers representation.

There is an important distinction between owners of a property under construction, and the party intending on purchasing that property (aka, the buyer). As buyers’ representatives, True North Management bridges the gap during the critical stages of contract negotiations. This includes every step of the process, from due diligence to project construction close-out. In other words, we exclusively represent the BUYER from concept to completion.

Although often over looked, we find buyer’s representation to be an essential part of the buying process. As the leading buyer’s representation firm for Aspen’s unique real estate market, True North Management reviews and analyzes the property exclusively on the buyer’s behalf. We provide crucial feedback, pricing, and reporting to arm our clients with tools for more effective, insightful purchase negotiation.


Many houses are purchased during construction when plans, finishes and specifications are not fully developed, or do not exist at all. This can be one of the most problematic areas of negotiations during the due diligence phase. It can often result in undervalued, inaccurate estimates and quality issues before project completion, which many times fall way short of preliminary budget projections and Buyer’s expectations for quality.

Establishing reliable real cost, using our experience for best estimating practices based on similar products of comparable finishes and craftsmanship, requires a highly experienced team intimately familiar with the nuances of construction in Aspen. We are that team.

True North Management provides deep analysis of all plans, specifications and documents, as well as providing in-depth project construction review of completed work to date. Perhaps most important, we scrutinize the specs and provide detailed evaluations of comparable projects of similar value to ensure budgets and allowances are based on practical cost. By taking a hard look on the Buyer’s behalf, we can document what is missing or underestimated in the specifications and design drawings that may not be obvious on the surface. We look for and see the things that even the most seasoned real estate attorneys, brokers and architects may not see.


We are your boots on the ground. Because of our extensive construction background, we make a practice of being on-site as often as required to inspect and review the construction process, as well as meet and collaborate with all design and construction team members.

Our operation is set up to maximize clarity, communication and effective project coordination. By being proactive, we oversee all facets of the project, including: architectural details, builders’ onsite implementation, quality of subcontractors, and leadership for clear and decisive communication among all parties.

Our holistic approach synthesizes Crucial Conversations™ techniques and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to enhance the collaborative effort.

Our comprehensive communication strategy leverages team performance to deliver greater value – to everyone at the table.

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