We work with the finest developers & construction professionals in the Aspen resort industry. See our portfolio below.


With decades of experience, True North Management understands owners’ and buyers’ needs and expectations – and how to reliably meet them. Ensuring that:

  • the craftsmanship of every detail is executed with excellence and precision;

  • expenditures are spent on quality and workmanship and not wasted on inefficiency;

  • budgets are scrutinized and tracked for accuracy; and

  • schedules are monitored to ensure delivery is correct and on time.


True North Management delivers exclusive representation and advocacy, including comprehensive oversight of:

  • design, details, specifications and Clients’ needs, requests and requirements;

  • construction implementation at the micro level; and

  • comprehensive financial matters to track every detail of cost.

With CONFIDENT EXPERTISE, we bring our clients’ voice to the table to ensure the successful outcome of each and every project.


We have been working in the region for over 22 years and we are the best at what we do

Working among the resort industry’s finest construction and development professionals, we deliver 100% heart, trust and transparency in our relentless pursuit of excellence.

President & Founder Tripp Adams founded True North Management in 1997. His construction and development career has spanned over forty nine years.  Marty Kribs is a senior project manager with over 35 years of construction and project management and Todd Emerson brings 30 years of financial and project managment to the team. Together they find solutions to every problem and effectively manage the highest quality outcomes for their clients.

"The team at True North Management is fantastic! Throughout two years of collaboration on an extremely innovative and sophisticated project for the Rocky Mountain Institute, they were always very responsive to Client and Design team needs and facilitated efficient communication across all project team members. True North Management brings a team oriented mindset to project delivery and at every turn endeavored to achieve satisfaction for their client by meeting or exceeding all project goals."
Kathy Berg
ZGF Architects, LLP, Partner / Lead Project Architect for RMI Innovation Center
“It has been a pleasure to work with True North Management on the Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center. Both Tripp and John embrace the spirit of collaboration and have helped foster an environment of teamwork amongst all the project stakeholders.”

Mike Tilbury | Vice President
JE Dunn Construction

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with True North Management and find their firm to consistently deliver exceptional and unequivocal value for my client. It would be unnecessarily challenging to do a large project without them. They are extraordinary at looking out for and protecting my clients’ best interests. I can’t recommend them more highly.”

Jody Edwards, Partner | Attorney
Klein Cote Edwards Citron, LLC

“True North Management’s project management of Rocky Mountain Institute's new Innovation Center in Basalt has been excellent. Their expertise and steady guidance and support have kept the project on track and driven the team to produce a best-in-class facility. We included True North on the team from start to finish and they managed issues professionally and responsively, stepping up on short fuse deadlines as needed. True North Management's inclusion on our project team has been reassuring to RMI, as the owner, that the project would go smoothly”

Marty Pickett | Managing Director & Legal Counsel Rocky Mountain Institute

“I believe owner and buyers’ representation is an essential part of the Aspen market. When it comes to delivering with heart and integrity, no one comes close to True North Management. Highly recommended.”

Gary Feldman | Broker
Aspen/Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty